We know that students need — and deserve — better data to decide if a school will suit their needs.

The code school industry has grown explosively because students and employers need the skills boot camps provide. But to stay strong, schools need to deliver the skills that yield long-term professional opportunity. Clear, simple, validated reporting is how we know the system is working.

CIRR — the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting — stands out in American higher education and corporate governance for taking proactive efforts to place consumers and public interests first.

We are a non-profit membership organization that was formed in 2016. We track and report program outcomes in the code school industry. CIRR members report program outcomes twice yearly, including how many students started, how many graduated, and program success in job placement of graduating students. Membership in CIRR requires agreement to the following six standards:

CIRR Standards

  • Advertising and disclosing honestly. CIRR schools follow a set of truth in advertising rules that prohibit misleading outcomes claims.
  • Collecting students’ intent. No later than the first day of class, CIRR schools survey students as to their intent after graduating. This information, along with a list of all enrolled students, is submitted to auditors immediately. Surveying intent by the first day of class and submitting to an auditor prevents schools from manipulating their results later.
  • Tracking enrollment and graduation. For every enrolled student, CIRR schools track their on-time and late graduation rates as part of their outcomes reports.
  • Tracking job outcomes. After students graduate, CIRR schools follow up with job-seeking students to track what jobs they find and when.
  • Reporting students’ outcomes. Every six months, CIRR schools release standardized reports of student outcomes.
  • Auditing outcomes data. Once a year, CIRR schools have their outcomes report reviewed by an approved third party that checks to make sure there is evidence for the outcomes the school claims.

CIRR Members

                                 **Stakeholder Members**

Charles Koch Foundation is supporting CIRR’s efforts to expand access to coding bootcamps across the country. The Foundation grants funding to scholars, students, and partners developing creative solutions that empower individuals to transform their lives and to improve society.

We value the Foundation’s mission and its support.